Micro Logistics. Warehouse management and shop stocks

MicroLogistic is a service that seeks to optimize the commercially accessible space in the shops, especially those in city centre area, where the storage capacity that is available tends to be very tight and of high cost.

Reducing the physical store in the shop and increasing the products on display benefits the daily sale. Likewise, having a larger stock allows expanding the catalogue or order in larger quantities, which further reduces the cost per unit.

CityLogin allows you to have your goods in your store a few hours after request, or directly perform each of the shipments to customer’s direction.

Stock management and ordering is done via web or smartphone app, with an easy and fast interface.

Micrologistic CityLogin is as well supported by our fleet of clean vehicles, which helps maintaining a free-pollution environment, while providing the chance to pick-up and deliver the goods at hours usually forbidden for traditional combustion vehicles.



Innovation and technology. We offer specialized logistic services using electrical or hybrid means of transport.

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